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OMFG! I'm sooo tired (Filming)

Sooo,let's see. Filming was AWESOME!!! Woo-hoo! I soo fucking tired though!
We got to the hotel @ 2:00 and napped then we headed to set around 6:00.
It was soooo cold! LMAO! And we were there untill almost 5am! AHHH! But the director was awesome and everyone kinda kept everyone else motivated. We met some kick ass actors too! Mikkole,Tim and Steve! I miss you guys already!
The next day Nancy and I headed off to frankenmuth,lol,I dought I spelled that right and the German food was AWESOME going down but OG! The German beer made me sick!
We got to set Friday around 7:00 and left around 2:00am.
Soo...I'm back in Flint nextweekend again filming,lol,hope to GOD to warmer cause I'm already sick from this weekend!<p>
<a href="http://s295.photobucket.com/albums/mm130/AudraLemons/?action=view&current=102_0066.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm130/AudraLemons/102_0066.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a><br>
Mikkole,me and Nancy during a break! DOn't you love our matching team shirts,LMAO!

Reality Is a BITCH

So... I have just spent last weekend drving my little ass asround the state of Michigan. well tecnically Lizzie drove so it wasn't all that bad!
We attended the Michigan Film Conference, it was the BEST!

I'm a survivor/ first REAL entry

So I was watching a program today on A&e. It was on domestic violence. I have to admit I cried the entire time. Not only because if the things these women are going through but because I know what they are going through. EVERYTHING I saw was exactly what I was put through with my kid's father.
I only wish I could reach out to them and hold them. Comfort them and show them that they are not alone,that they too can overcome this.
what made me the angriest was the women who was stating that the abuse was the women fault because they stayed in the relationship. Let me tell you something personal that i don't let go very often. I too could not leave the abuse I suffered not because I was stupid or that i thought I deserved it, but because te WORST part of domestic violence is the verbal and mental abuse you recieve. You feel as if nothing you do or say is good enough or that you actually deserve the treatment you are recieving. That you are worth nothing,that no other man could ever see you more than the abuser see's you. I KNOW It's not as simply as just walking away. It took me six years to understand that enough was enough. even when I did remove myself and my childen i still thought it might be a mistake, but then one day I looked into the eyes of my chiden and saw the future,or what it might be if I did return to the situation.
My son would be taught that behavior that it was okay for a man to treat a women in the manor his father treated me and my daughter would think that was the way a man should treat her,only then did I see it was the right thing to do.
So i guess my point would be this,I've grown now. I've seen both sides of the situation and I've learned to except the things of the past and grow with the new ones. i've found myself and I'm still learning to love myself. So next time you see someone and think it's their own fault remember what you've read here and give them simply a smile and a hug. Let them know that everyone has value and that everyone deserves to live their life happy and without abuse.

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